These are all of my prices for commissions.

Commission Guide

What are commissions?

Commission is a fancy, artistic term used to describe the exchange of money for art. It dates all the way back to Ancient Greece when artists were paid by wealthy, affluent individuals for paintings and sculptures.

I have done many commissions for many people. I carefully contemplated what I should charge, and the prices have not changed since. I work pretty fast and efficiently, and I do my best to give my patrons exactly what they want. For instance, the patron for the drawing of Elsa and Anna wanted very specific elements. They gave me reference photos and specific instructions. I followed them to the t. They were very happy so much so that they commissioned me to do another drawing, and still wanted another, but I had to wait until I was finished with college to start on the last one.

I can draw whatever you like. Be as specific as you choose. The only limit is your imagination.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to view my site. I hope that I can do business with you!