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Art Challenges

One way to get better is by participating in art challenges. Those in the Art Community have created all kinds of challenges for artists to grow and hone their skills. There are a few that I will mention here, but you can create your own personal challenges as well. Artists should always be growing and evolving.



Want to hone your inking skills?

Inktober was created by artist Jay Parker. Every year during the month of October, artists all over the world do one drawing per day based on a prompt word from a list. There is an official prompt list, but you can make your own or follow one someone else makes. It‘s supposed to be fun, not stressful, so artists draw and post when they can. 2019 was my first year completing the challenge. Here are my 31 drawings. I followed the official prompt list, but I drew all Marvel characters. 


If you like mermaids...

Mermay takes place during the month of May when artists draw mermaids all month long based on a prompt list. I only did two drawings in 2019.